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I have recently been going through a process of personal transformation.
This includes mainly becoming less cynical, eating healthier foods,
and exercising more often. If you are cynical my decision to become
less cynical may surprise you. In fact, you may even consider me
unrealistic for doing so, and becoming, instead, an optimist. Nevertheless,
if I am anything I am not a complete optimist. If there is anything I am optimistic
about, it is science and technology

If you are cynical, you may have decided to stop reading this blog already,
and that is fine. I do not really blame people for being cynical, but I, personally,
became bored of it. I now believe our cynicism is one of the many things that is keeping
our society from functioning in an efficient manner (saying things like “we can never
get along with [insert opposing political party here]” are self-fulfilling prophecies),
but if people wish to be cynical, so be it, nothing is stopping them.
Neither is anything stopping me from writing on this blog.

I want to be clear. The purpose of this blog is not to convince people not to be cynical.
The purpose of this blog is to educate people, from a point of view that is as objective
as possible, whether it’s about politics or other subjects. I’m not going to tinge it with sarcasm or any sort of “intellectual superiority”.
I will have as much humility as I am possibly able to. If people are willing to go through
a similar transformation process as I am currently, I would be gladly willing to help them
to the best of my ability. I firmly believe in patience.

There is the possibility of using this blog as a means for civil debate and discussion, but that is probably not going to happen any time soon. It is a goal to move towards.


~ by theuncynic on July 1, 2012.

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