My Beliefs

There are a few things I believe in, such as:

1. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The typical “American” principles which aren’t largely practiced in our current time.

2. The Golden Rule. It’s a wonderful rule, in my opinion.  Essentially, “be nice to people”. Fairly straightforward, but I understand that it is difficult for most people to follow.

3. Violence if Necessary. Only use violence in cases of self-defense. Drawing from my own personal experience, non-violence can work, even if someone physically assaults you. This occurred to me in middle school. Someone hit me over a trifling matter, and I merely stood there, and stared at them. They were intimidated enough not to attack any further. Obviously not recommended for all cases.

4. Civility. No childishness. No insults. No blindly emotional arguments. Reasoned thought. Calm collectedess. I don’t expect everyone to be Spock. But if you can be Spock, be Spock.

Other than those things, there is not much I believe in. They are not necessarily in any order.


~ by theuncynic on July 2, 2012.

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