On Being Spock

I have never watched Star Trek, but the character Spock always resonated me.
He was, of course, cold, calculating, and emotionless. While I understand
that some emotion is beneficial for human survival, in fact, probably necessary,
I have always desired to be Spock. There are occasions where I find myself so
frustrated, that I act out in frustration, like everybody else. I never wish to do that,
and I wish I couldn’t. It is so childish, and so mindless.

I’ve often found that, when people become more and more emotional, their arguments and thought processes become more and more convoluted and incomprehensible.
I do not think I have ever felt the degree of emotion others have felt in this situation, but there are instances where I have felt, as I said, so frustrated, that I wished to cause physical damage to something,mainly because the opposition was so aggravating that they would not shut up. That didn’t stop them from retaliating afterwards even after I attempted to leave them.

This is what happens in the U.S. People become so attached to their beliefs, their ideologies,that they want to retaliate in whatever manner possible, against all reason, against the opposition,who are constantly devaluing them, dehumanizing, demonizing them. I am not only talking about conservatives, or only talking about liberals. I am talking about both parties. While there are many things that I disagree with conservatives about, to the point where I too would become frustrated by their actions, they nevertheless have different opinions than myself, and have come up through different backgrounds than myself, and therefore have different thought processes than myself. It is not as though conservatives are constantly conspiring about ways they can be “evil”. Neither is the same for liberals. We are only different, diverse, and alien to one another.

This doesn’t mean that, as it is commonly believed, that people who have opinions that are different from your own are “stupid”. You probably don’t understand their thought process, or if you come from the same background that they have,
you are simply prejudiced against those who have said opinions. I’m not saying you cannot be prejudiced. Everyone is prejudiced to some degree, but isn’t it precisely what is causing us to be so uncooperative?


~ by theuncynic on July 2, 2012.

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