On Pridefulness Regarding Atheism and Beliefs

I consider myself an atheist, and I often hear others say that they are proud to be atheists. I have felt this myself on a few occasions, and I have often wondered why. It seems to me to be somewhat silly to be prideful of one’s beliefs, or one’s lack of belief, as they are such abstract things. Wouldn’t it be better to focus more on one’s accomplishments- or, for instance, having helped another human being?

It could be that I am not actually proud of atheism, but rather I am proud of how I arrived to atheism, through skepticism and much research. My atheism, though, still isn’t exactly a major part of myself- it may be a topic I am still fascinated with, along with religion, but I probably wouldn’t describe myself as a “hardcore atheist” if someone asked me to describe myself in as few words as possible.

I’m not sure exactly what having pride of that sort accomplishes. It’s rather like being prideful of one’s birthplace, or one’s race. It seems like people have pride in those things because there aren’t a lot of things they can be proud about, and it encourages them to continue living.  Although that might be too broad of a judgment


~ by theuncynic on July 14, 2012.

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