On the Parody Site FreethoughtBlarghs

I just realized that the site Freethoughtblarghs, which I was going to make a post on, is in fact a parody site. Here is the link: http://www.freethoughtblahgs.com/

What’s the point of this? It seems fairly childish. If the goal is to confuse people, mainly “trolls” then any site of sufficient realism is going to be an effective parody. I admit I was fooled by it, but only because my initial investigation was more superficial (not even I am immune to parody), but within a short period of time I figured out it was a parody. Anyway, how is it effective? “Let’s make it seem like we are actually feminazis, when we’re not really!” If that’s the goal, it seems like a pretty poor way to prove a point, which could be better made in a blog post of some sort.

Everyone is susceptible to group think at some level, as long as they are influenced by whatever social pressures which compel them to act in various ways to the benefit of a group. This parody site may not necessarily prove that any given troll is actually a “group-thinker”, but at best only that they are superficial in their investigations. It does remind me to be far more critical of everything I read.


~ by theuncynic on July 17, 2012.

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