On Being Offended

Insults have always been a peculiar thing to me. I can usually think before I say things, and I think most people are capable of this – they just need to retrain their thinking process in order to exclude the opposite behavior. Insults never actually work, and I’m sure mostcpeople know this, but nevertheless they continue the cycle viciously.

I remember when I was in grade school, and I was wandering around the school in a sort of “gang” of other students, centered around a popular student who was a friend at the time. For some reason, another student approached me and told me I was a “dork” for no apparent reason other than to gain an upperhand over me (he was shorter than me). I wasn’t offended by that insult, but only very confused, and then forgot about it and moved on.

If/when someone insults me, my first thought isn’t usually to strike back. Instead, my first thought is more like “why is this person behaving in this manner?” I become curious, perhaps overly curious. Although maybe that is a better reaction than how most people would react.

Most people, I think, may have been infuriated by something like that at that age, and probably would have started a fight. If they had friends, their friends might have egged them on, or catapulted insults at the opposition, resulting in a fight. That may be one benefit of not having friends (at least not a lot of friends). As long as I can remember I have never really insulted anyone. I told a family member once to “shut the fuck up” because I was so frustrated with them, and they were arguing insanely on the phone with someone else. I don’t really feel any guilt about it, in fact I’m somewhat proud of it, for some strange reason. Anyway, insults are like another language to me, I’m not really sure why people are still offended by mere words, and I think it’s something that needs to change in society.


~ by theuncynic on July 18, 2012.

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