On Somethingness/Nothingness

This topic is something my mind often wanders off to, and I find it very fascinating.  I believe I’ve made a nearly complete investigation of it, although I’m  doubtful as to whether or not my conclusions can be held in high confidence, as this is metaphysics. I do think I can give some answer to the question to “why”  there is something rather than nothing, and I think there are two answers.

The first answer is, in the case in which nothingness(in the sense of total “absolute” nothingness) is impossible, somethingness becomes necessary, eternal and infinite. This is not to say that there is a god,  merely that somethingness has to exist, because there is not nothing to supersede it.  That may be an odd way of phrasing it- how can nothing supersede something? This is where the second answer comes in.

The second answer is that in the case that nothingness exists, nothingness, by  its very nature, lacks all possible constraints upon itself, including our classical notions of logic, for instance, A is A. It is the absence of anything, including constraints, and it is this that would allow it to produce whatever it may produce- including some form  of logic, or even, say, a Universe.

It may seem incomprehensible to us that nothingness could produce such anything whatsoever,  but we are only working within the confines of our classical notions of logic. As I have stated,  nothingness lacks all constraints, so why should it abide by our classical notions of logic? Not only that but classical logic has been demonstrated to be limited within the realm of quantum mechanics.

Now, the very interesting thing is, when we consider that nothingness could produce absolutely anything, we find that nothingness may negate itself, producing an eternal and infinite somethingness. If it is the case that nothingness did exist at some point (temporal language can be used, as nothingness would have no  constraints), we find that clearly, somethingness now exists- are we then to determine that somethingness is eternal and infinite? Perhaps not, as nothingness could have created only a finite Universe. But, it is incredibly fascinating either way to consider that infinity, in both cases, remains a constant.


~ by theuncynic on July 21, 2012.

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