Aurora, Colorado Shootings

By now almost everyone has probably heard about the shootings in Colorado, during a Dark Knight Rises screening, and by now, everyone seems to already have an opinion about it. You have people who say that we need more restrictions on guns, and you have others who say that the reason why the attacker killed so many people, was because he had highly effective guns available to him.

There are people who are saying that the attacker is crazy, even though we know nothing about his medical history. We only know that he was a neuroscience student at a University somewhere (the interesting thing about that is you’d hardly expect someone with that level of education to be committing acts of violence such as this). Rick Warren, a popular Christian pastor, claimed (I’m not making this up) that the reason the shooter committed those acts of violence was due to the teaching of evolutionary theory in schools. “If you teach children they are animals, they will behave like animals”, is a common mantra of those Creationists.

The truth is, everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions, and look at the facts. The fact is, we still don’t know anything about the attacker, James Holmes, besides his educational background, and that his apparent motive was that he wanted to be “The Joker”.  We know that he had access to more weaponry than the common criminal, and that this is an atypical case, as he was even wearing body armor, and used tear gas, which he either somehow manufactured himself, or somehow acquired it from somewhere.

It is fine to attempt to investigate the socio-political reasons which may have led to this event. But there is a difference between socio-political investigation and the politicization of tragedy. Too often, whether you’re on the left or the right, tragedy is used as a pedestal for talking points, and thus tragedy becomes politicized. There is a fine line between the two, but it makes me annoyed that we often cannot distinguish between the two. I would rather hear a reasoned argument than a soundbite that attempts to appeal to the masses.


~ by theuncynic on July 23, 2012.

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