Bullying and Privilege

I’ve been bullied a few times. The first time I recall was when I was at my brother’s  friend’s house. I accidentally deleted a save file of his on a video game, and my brother’s firend  became enraged. He proceeded to wrestle me, and eventually came on top of me, using his weight  against me. He was much larger than I was, and I was trying not to let him crush me. He got off  of me after my brother told him to stop, then I kicked him in the groin, he said  something afterwards and I left. I only had a “fat lip” after that.

I won’t mention the other instances I’ve been bullied here, but that is  only one example. There are many people, men or women,  who have been bullied but never think of it as abuse, usually because of the “boys will be boys” mentality, or they just see it as an anomolous event of sorts. I never thought of that specific instance as abuse. For some reason,  I had just thought of it as a fluke, temporary overly-emotional behavior.

This is another reason why I believe the concept of “privilege” is flawed.  I grew up in a white, middle class household, but that didn’t prevent me  from being bullied by others. Just because you grow up in a white, middle class household doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be successful in life,  or all of your emotional needs are going to be provided for. This appears to be the assumption of many feminists, and it is a very dangerous assumption.

I’ll also mention that there was one instance where I had to prevent myself from engaging in physical violence.  It was during summer school, and it was probably the worst experience I’ve had in school. The bullying happened fairly consistently. They were only attempting to provoke me and I realized that, so I tried to ignore them. I knew that there probably would have been legal consequences for my actions, so I decided it was best not to engage in violence.


~ by theuncynic on July 25, 2012.

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