Nothingness, and Somethingness, Again

I’ve since come to another conclusion regarding nothingness. Here’s what I typed in a word pad to summarize my thoughts:

Consider not mentioning nothingness:

“You cannot make predictions/statements about nothingness” -is itself a prediction/statement. How then does one deal with nothingness?
One does not.

Somethingness: An “origin” of “reality” is nonsensical.  What is “real” must apply to the “origin”. Results in infinite regress. If it does not apply, it does not exist.

This is a summary of the history of my thought process regarding this subject:

Went from:

“Absolute nothingness is impossible”
(Due to the notion of an “absolute” implying a specific state of “being”)-
“Nothingness can produce somethingness”
(As a result of nothingness having no constraints)
To: Consider not mentioning nothingness
(For reasons above)

I will now only concern myself with the notion of “somethingness”.


~ by theuncynic on July 28, 2012.

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