Thunderf00t, Calm Down

Apparently Thunderf00t has recently stolen some private emails due to a security exploit. The link is here:

Thunderf00t admits he’s done this on his blog. I only have this to say to Thunderf00t: Calm down. It’s not worth it. Even if these private emails indicate some sort of “hive mind” or whatever it is you’re trying to indicate, it’s not worth it. Even if the atheist movement is actually to some degree influenced by “group-thinkers” (and it is on all sides, whether you’re a feminist or not, whether you’re a Dawkins supporter, Hitchens, Harris, etc). All movements are susceptible to groupthink. I’m not sure if Thunderf00t has gathered that yet, but stealing private emails when the terms clearly say they are confidential, is out of line. Using a security exploit in order to gain access to those emails is considered “hacking”. Thunderf00t, you’re facing serious legal issues here and I have to say you’re being extremely infantile about this situation. Freethoughtblogs is no Church of Scientology. That’s all I have to say on the matter.


~ by theuncynic on August 10, 2012.

6 Responses to “Thunderf00t, Calm Down”

  1. I love the word “groupthink”, as soon as more than one person disagrees with you, you can just scream groupthink!! and win the argument automatically.

    • Yes, a lot of people, not just Thunderf00t, appear to forget that everyone is susceptible to groupthink to some degree (even someone with Aspergers like myself, there is at least one memory I have where I engaged in groupthink). and you’ll find it in a much greater degree in altruistic movements (and I do agree that feminism is an “altruistic” movement, however at the same time altruistic does not necessarily mean good. There are many movements throughout history that were altruistic, yet committed many atrocious acts).

  2. Yep. Thunderf00t is a detestable, underhanded cad for “hacking” into an email server he didn’t have permission to access, but PZ is a hero for “hacking” into a phone conference with a code he didn’t have permission to use. Makes perfect sense.

    • Where do I argue that PZ is a hero? In my previous posts you may find that I criticize PZ and am not in fact a fan of PZ. Also, where do I argue that Thunderf00t is detestable? Also, see tu quoque.

      • Sorry. My comments were not necessarily directed at you. If you feel they don’t apply, then please don’t feel targeted by them. However, the general consensus about the whole issue is that TF didn’t something horrendously immoral, which I found extremely ironic given how much praise PZ Myers received for essentially pulling the same thing.

      • I agree that’s the general consensus, though I think even though Thunderf00t’s actions aren’t horrendous, I would say it’s not controversial, or unfounded to say that he’s overreacting, and only causing more drama. And there might be many of PZ’s supporters who are unaware of what PZ did, I followed his blog for some time until I saw a post by him where he claimed there was sexism when I saw absolutely none there, and I wasn’t aware of that incident.

        I just don’t see Thunderf00t’s actions as worth it, overall. I’ve had far worse done to me, in real life, and I didn’t react in the manner Thunderf00t did. Not saying I’m better than him, but I think there are other courses of action to take. The atheist community appears to be undergoing a sort of schism, and everyone seems to be a potential victim of it. The only way such a schism could end is through diplomacy. Diplomacy starts when we begin to stop blaming either side for whatever went wrong in the first place.

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